An Age of Worms

Day 2 - part 1 Summary (7/14/13)

Day 2 – part 1

Meeting up early the next day the group didn’t take long to find the entrance to the the Cairn with the help of a rough map supplied by the late Richard.

Upon it’s discovery they realised why it has its name, the Whispering Cairn. Due to air channels cut into the rock walls that give the illusion of voices surrounding around those inside.

Once inside the cairn, the party found the remnants of wood whittling and a child’s bedroll, this looked like it was Richard’s Daughters last location if he was right that she did go missing. Further in, Rain attracted a pack of wolves who had taken residence within the cairn, after setting on the party and loosing its two partners, the alpha wolf ran off. Leaving the party to continue on with their quest.

Further inside, the group came to a central cavern with 7 off-shoot tunnels and a sarcophagus. After finding out the hard way, twice, that the sarcophagus was rigged with a fire trap, the party found out that it revolved clockwise, acting like a switch when pointing at certain tunnels. Each tunnel had a chain hanging with all holding a lantern except the first and sixth tunnels (going from left to right). It was noted that the pattern was a rainbow with the red and indigo lanterns missing, the indigo lantern was then replaced by Killia after finding it earlier. The green lantern was the only lit lantern. (sequence R,O,Y,G,B,I,V).

When the sarcophagus pointed at the tunnels, the following happened;

  • Red -Nothing Happened, lantern missing
  • Orange – nothing happened
  • Yellow – Elevator rose, lead to lower section with Statues and display models
  • Green – lantern is lit, nothing happened but a deep rumbling sound and the ground shook
  • Blue – nothing happened. roof in this tunnel is higher with a ledge about 40ft from ground.
  • Indigo – Killia hung the lantern here, A second elevator
  • Violet – nothing happened

After sending Xanward down the yellow elevator, and him not returning, the party turned the sarcophagus around, with the only even coming with the other ‘indigo’ elevator almost crushing Uthrayne who was saved by Killia and his now destroyed shield.

The entire party then ventured down the yellow elevator after realising they should look for Xanward. who was safe at the bottom in a new chamber. Being blocked by a large block, Killia and Xanward both tried to push past and triggered a gas trap, that took a while to be turned off, injuring the fighter, Finn.

Further down the tunnel they were attacked by a creature, Lurking Strangler, who almost killed Killia, luckily she was saved in time and now is unconscious. The tunnel seemed to be used by craftsmen by all the old tools left lying around. And the party came upon more devastation when it found mold around a basin at a central pillar and Finn decided to take a bit out of it. instantly sending him unconscious.

Now the party is standing there, three walking, 2 unconscious, in the depths of a burial cairn that is known for taking the lives of unprepared adventures.



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