An Age of Worms

Day1 Summary (7/14/13)

Day 1

It’s normal night in The Feral Dog, the town locals are drinking away their problems, and betting their pay away on hound fights, with a blundering fighter hassling the Tavern’s kennel out back. But the last week or so, the tavern has had some interesting patrons who bring with them stories or wealth and adventure. This has excited many locals into thoughts of their own quests. The reason for these locals coming to Diamond Lake, is their interest in the Burial Cairns, and in particular the Stirgenest Cairn, hoping to find riches of long lost cultures.

Some locals have taken the idea of riches to heart more than others, striking up conversation with these travelers was a mischievous rouge named Killia Zyre and a level headed holy man from the garrison, Virgil Feramar.

Having lived here for a few years Virgil questioned these adventurers on their choice of Cairn to raid, and in return was shot down with the adventurers saying they had researched this endlessly. After this Killia seemed to take over the conversation asking about what the adventurers were planning. Seeing the opportunity an elderly man, Richard, approached Virgil with his own information about the cairns, asking to meet later on in an abandoned mining office north of the town.

When leaving the old man was overheard mumbling about treasures and the cairns by an inquisitive ranger, and ended up being tailed back to his makeshift home. The ranger proceeded to lie in wait for the old mans ‘help’ to arrive.

Back at the tavern, Virgil decided it was about time to leave to meet the old man. Killia had overhead parts of the conversation and decided that this would be worth checking out, so followed the paladin. While at the same time, a dirty looking fighter enters the tavern from the rear entrance near the kennels, and immediately after seeing a wolf inside, starts trying to coax it into allowing it to be pet, much to the dismay of Druid nearby.

After an altercation and awkward introduction upon arriving at the abandoned mine office, the paladin now had two more people to accompany him on Richard’s errand. Richards daughter had disappeared in one of the carins nearby, and being too old to go by himself was looking for someone else to satisfy his curiosity as to what had happened.

When everything seemed to be going okay, Richard was attacked by a monstrous rat in the cellar of the office. Both the rat and Richard did not survive the incident. With no idea the exact location of the cairn the ranger, Xanward Carter, suggested with the help of a druid called Uthrayen, he knows to be in the Feral Dog at this time, they should be able to find it.

Message was sent to the Druid, aswell as the body of Richard was taken to the chapel in the garrison. and the group decided to meet in the morning again to set out to look for the cairn.

For some reason there is a mysterious fighter following along, no one can work out why except he has taken a great interest in Uthrayen’s companion Rain.



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