An Age of Worms

Prelude - 7/4/13

Our adventure starts in the lively mining town of Diamond Lake, A muddy smudge on the hills east of the Free City of Greyhawk.

Diamond Lake’s inhabitants are predominantly miners and laborers, serious folk who spend most of their lives toiling below ground.

While not working, the miners celebrate along the Vein, a seedy road lined with alehouses and brothels. Overall the village is a sooty and sullen place prone to violence and passion.

But Diamond Lake holds plenty of opportunities for adventure, for the uplands surrounding the town are rife with the ancient tombs and burial cairns of long dead cultures.

Idle chatter around the village speaks of a trio of richly dressed adventurers who frequent the Feral Dog, Diamond Lake’s most notorious tavern. The confident heroes of the Free City spoke of hard-won battles on their journey to Diamond Lake, and of their intention to explore the Stirgenest Cairn on the lake’s distant southeastern shore.

Being natives of Diamond Lake you know that this cairn is often explored by the community’s youth, who always find it completely empty of marvels and perfectly harmless.



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