An Age of Worms

Session 2 Summary (21/4/13)

Session 2

After healing the rogue, the adventures decided to look around a little more. In one room they found a large ornate bed of air, seeming to have been made for someone of great importance. In a room opposite that seemed to have been forgotten half way through construction, a Bas relief depicted a great warrior wielding a 7 segmented staff, and an aggressive earth elemental. Virgil recognised the symbol branded upon the elemental’s skin as the personal icon of the evil Prince Orgemoch.

After the combat the group retreated from the Whispering Cairn to better prepare themselves. They returned the following day to continue their adventure.

Immediately heading for the Sarcophagus and turning it continually, a new passage opened from the earth and acidic beetles spewed forth. Deciding to go down this path, the adventures cam across more beetles, an insane water elemental and a long forgotten ghoul. While the water elemental is drowning Uthrayen, the last thing he sees before blacking out is fish like person swimming past and into the room with the ghoul. The next the Uthrayen remembers is Killia and Virgil trying to keep him from the verge of death back out of the water. With Xanward clutching the missing Red Lantern.

Heading back to the sarcophagus, placing all lanterns and lighting them, the party was finally able to bypass the door with a face. after a brief encounter witha rust monster hiding in a iron pit they met a young ghost called Alastor Land who offered to open the door to the final room if hey would return his bones to his family that he had run away from 30 years ago.

The adventures realised this might not be as easy as first thought, upon arriving at the now abandoned farmstead the family graveyard had been ransacked recently and the bones of Alastor’s family removed.

The remains of a person were found in the nest of an Owlbear that treated the farmstead as its one. These clues revealed that some of Balabar Smenk’s henchmen had been behind the grave robbing.

Late at night, the adventures weary form this days task start heading back into town, but one of them is heading in the opposite direction. Xanward, compelled to help a baby owlbear orphaned by their hands, is taking it to the Bronzewood Lodge.

….next time the justice begins.



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