Virgil Feramar

17 Year Old Paladin of Heironeous


Justice doesn’t discriminate, It comes as cold embracing. Leaving you with a chill you just can’t shake.

The list
Balabar SmenkGrave robbing, potentially ordering murder.
Filge – Necromancy, grave robbing.
Cullen – Grave robbing, potentially murder.
Ragnolin DourstoneHaving some weird shit under his mine.


Born to Valerian & Calista Feramar in 578 CY in the Free City of Greyhawk. Virgil felt a strong connection to his family’s lineage. At a young age every Feramar learns the legend of their ancestor Victarion. A hero of an ancient war who came to be known as Brightflame, when all of Flaness was threatened by a terrible menace over a thousand years ago. The supposed sword of Victarion inherited his name and is passed down generation to generation. Although the legend says the blade is infused with potent magic, it appears to be mundane apart its fine craftsmanship. While most Feramar boys grow up wanting to be a great hero like their ancestor, Virgil always felt a particularly strong connection even into manhood.

Virgil was 6 years old when his father and older brother went off to war. His father returned while his brother was killed in the closing year of the Greyhawk Wars. In the following years Virgil felt the strong drive to prove himself worth of his family’s name. This often resulted in Virgil returning home with cuts and bruises. On his 15th birthday Virgil entered the ranks of the Church of Heironeous in hopes of proving his worth, wielding his brothers ancestral blade, Brightflame.

At 16 Virgil was sent to the Chapel of Heironeous in the mining town of Diamond Lake, for the spiritual aspect of his training. Making him one of the only people in the corrupt town that is there by choice.

Virgil Feramar

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