An Age of Worms

Session 2 Summary (21/4/13)

Session 2

After healing the rogue, the adventures decided to look around a little more. In one room they found a large ornate bed of air, seeming to have been made for someone of great importance. In a room opposite that seemed to have been forgotten half way through construction, a Bas relief depicted a great warrior wielding a 7 segmented staff, and an aggressive earth elemental. Virgil recognised the symbol branded upon the elemental’s skin as the personal icon of the evil Prince Orgemoch.

After the combat the group retreated from the Whispering Cairn to better prepare themselves. They returned the following day to continue their adventure.

Immediately heading for the Sarcophagus and turning it continually, a new passage opened from the earth and acidic beetles spewed forth. Deciding to go down this path, the adventures cam across more beetles, an insane water elemental and a long forgotten ghoul. While the water elemental is drowning Uthrayen, the last thing he sees before blacking out is fish like person swimming past and into the room with the ghoul. The next the Uthrayen remembers is Killia and Virgil trying to keep him from the verge of death back out of the water. With Xanward clutching the missing Red Lantern.

Heading back to the sarcophagus, placing all lanterns and lighting them, the party was finally able to bypass the door with a face. after a brief encounter witha rust monster hiding in a iron pit they met a young ghost called Alastor Land who offered to open the door to the final room if hey would return his bones to his family that he had run away from 30 years ago.

The adventures realised this might not be as easy as first thought, upon arriving at the now abandoned farmstead the family graveyard had been ransacked recently and the bones of Alastor’s family removed.

The remains of a person were found in the nest of an Owlbear that treated the farmstead as its one. These clues revealed that some of Balabar Smenk’s henchmen had been behind the grave robbing.

Late at night, the adventures weary form this days task start heading back into town, but one of them is heading in the opposite direction. Xanward, compelled to help a baby owlbear orphaned by their hands, is taking it to the Bronzewood Lodge.

….next time the justice begins.

Day 2 - part 1 Summary (7/14/13)

Day 2 – part 1

Meeting up early the next day the group didn’t take long to find the entrance to the the Cairn with the help of a rough map supplied by the late Richard.

Upon it’s discovery they realised why it has its name, the Whispering Cairn. Due to air channels cut into the rock walls that give the illusion of voices surrounding around those inside.

Once inside the cairn, the party found the remnants of wood whittling and a child’s bedroll, this looked like it was Richard’s Daughters last location if he was right that she did go missing. Further in, Rain attracted a pack of wolves who had taken residence within the cairn, after setting on the party and loosing its two partners, the alpha wolf ran off. Leaving the party to continue on with their quest.

Further inside, the group came to a central cavern with 7 off-shoot tunnels and a sarcophagus. After finding out the hard way, twice, that the sarcophagus was rigged with a fire trap, the party found out that it revolved clockwise, acting like a switch when pointing at certain tunnels. Each tunnel had a chain hanging with all holding a lantern except the first and sixth tunnels (going from left to right). It was noted that the pattern was a rainbow with the red and indigo lanterns missing, the indigo lantern was then replaced by Killia after finding it earlier. The green lantern was the only lit lantern. (sequence R,O,Y,G,B,I,V).

When the sarcophagus pointed at the tunnels, the following happened;

  • Red -Nothing Happened, lantern missing
  • Orange – nothing happened
  • Yellow – Elevator rose, lead to lower section with Statues and display models
  • Green – lantern is lit, nothing happened but a deep rumbling sound and the ground shook
  • Blue – nothing happened. roof in this tunnel is higher with a ledge about 40ft from ground.
  • Indigo – Killia hung the lantern here, A second elevator
  • Violet – nothing happened

After sending Xanward down the yellow elevator, and him not returning, the party turned the sarcophagus around, with the only even coming with the other ‘indigo’ elevator almost crushing Uthrayne who was saved by Killia and his now destroyed shield.

The entire party then ventured down the yellow elevator after realising they should look for Xanward. who was safe at the bottom in a new chamber. Being blocked by a large block, Killia and Xanward both tried to push past and triggered a gas trap, that took a while to be turned off, injuring the fighter, Finn.

Further down the tunnel they were attacked by a creature, Lurking Strangler, who almost killed Killia, luckily she was saved in time and now is unconscious. The tunnel seemed to be used by craftsmen by all the old tools left lying around. And the party came upon more devastation when it found mold around a basin at a central pillar and Finn decided to take a bit out of it. instantly sending him unconscious.

Now the party is standing there, three walking, 2 unconscious, in the depths of a burial cairn that is known for taking the lives of unprepared adventures.

Day1 Summary (7/14/13)

Day 1

It’s normal night in The Feral Dog, the town locals are drinking away their problems, and betting their pay away on hound fights, with a blundering fighter hassling the Tavern’s kennel out back. But the last week or so, the tavern has had some interesting patrons who bring with them stories or wealth and adventure. This has excited many locals into thoughts of their own quests. The reason for these locals coming to Diamond Lake, is their interest in the Burial Cairns, and in particular the Stirgenest Cairn, hoping to find riches of long lost cultures.

Some locals have taken the idea of riches to heart more than others, striking up conversation with these travelers was a mischievous rouge named Killia Zyre and a level headed holy man from the garrison, Virgil Feramar.

Having lived here for a few years Virgil questioned these adventurers on their choice of Cairn to raid, and in return was shot down with the adventurers saying they had researched this endlessly. After this Killia seemed to take over the conversation asking about what the adventurers were planning. Seeing the opportunity an elderly man, Richard, approached Virgil with his own information about the cairns, asking to meet later on in an abandoned mining office north of the town.

When leaving the old man was overheard mumbling about treasures and the cairns by an inquisitive ranger, and ended up being tailed back to his makeshift home. The ranger proceeded to lie in wait for the old mans ‘help’ to arrive.

Back at the tavern, Virgil decided it was about time to leave to meet the old man. Killia had overhead parts of the conversation and decided that this would be worth checking out, so followed the paladin. While at the same time, a dirty looking fighter enters the tavern from the rear entrance near the kennels, and immediately after seeing a wolf inside, starts trying to coax it into allowing it to be pet, much to the dismay of Druid nearby.

After an altercation and awkward introduction upon arriving at the abandoned mine office, the paladin now had two more people to accompany him on Richard’s errand. Richards daughter had disappeared in one of the carins nearby, and being too old to go by himself was looking for someone else to satisfy his curiosity as to what had happened.

When everything seemed to be going okay, Richard was attacked by a monstrous rat in the cellar of the office. Both the rat and Richard did not survive the incident. With no idea the exact location of the cairn the ranger, Xanward Carter, suggested with the help of a druid called Uthrayen, he knows to be in the Feral Dog at this time, they should be able to find it.

Message was sent to the Druid, aswell as the body of Richard was taken to the chapel in the garrison. and the group decided to meet in the morning again to set out to look for the cairn.

For some reason there is a mysterious fighter following along, no one can work out why except he has taken a great interest in Uthrayen’s companion Rain.

Prelude - 7/4/13
Our adventure starts in the lively mining town of Diamond Lake, A muddy smudge on the hills east of the Free City of Greyhawk.

Diamond Lake’s inhabitants are predominantly miners and laborers, serious folk who spend most of their lives toiling below ground.

While not working, the miners celebrate along the Vein, a seedy road lined with alehouses and brothels. Overall the village is a sooty and sullen place prone to violence and passion.

But Diamond Lake holds plenty of opportunities for adventure, for the uplands surrounding the town are rife with the ancient tombs and burial cairns of long dead cultures.

Idle chatter around the village speaks of a trio of richly dressed adventurers who frequent the Feral Dog, Diamond Lake’s most notorious tavern. The confident heroes of the Free City spoke of hard-won battles on their journey to Diamond Lake, and of their intention to explore the Stirgenest Cairn on the lake’s distant southeastern shore.

Being natives of Diamond Lake you know that this cairn is often explored by the community’s youth, who always find it completely empty of marvels and perfectly harmless.

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