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This section will provide you guys with all you need for this campaign. As we go along I will place pages that I feel relevant to your game. If you think an entry is lacking or there needs to be a new section feel free to mention it.

This Campaign will start in the town of Diamond Lake. A corrupt mining town 3 days east of the Free City of Greyhawk. The year is 595 CY, and things are not great in the town. The town itself used to be modest, a great fishing and mining based town that would supply trade to most of the cities nearby and over land. It also contained an export more valuable than all the metal ores in the mines.

The quality of Life in Diamond Lake is not great unless you have money, and the only people with the power to make money are those who own the mines. These mine managers exist in a strata above the rest of the community that places the normal people at huge disadvantages when it comes to jobs and business.

Most plan to leave this town as soon as they can afford to, with the hope of treasure or a quick fortune always in their hearts.

Setting Information

  1. Diamond Lake Overview
  2. Areas close to Diamond Lake

Gameplay Information

  1. The Story Thus Far
  2. The Heroes of Our Time


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  2. EXP Tracking
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